Mr. Tay Ming Wah

Chairman of HT Group and Managing Director of Hawk Tayar Sdn Bhd.  Took over the management of the company in 1995 and led the expansion from tyre retailing to distribution.

Mr. Tay Meng Yong

Managing Director for Hawk Tyre Service Sdn Bhd and HT Lubricant Sdn Bhd. Oversees the Group’s servicing arm and also led the formation of the lubricant arm in 2007.

Mr. Dylan Tay

Managing Director of HT Truck Service Sdn Bhd and advisor to Group’s shared services departments. Led the formation of HT Truck Service in 2005 and oversees the distribution of commercial tyres.

Mr. Terence Tay

Director of HT Lubricant. Currently leading the Group’s tyre distribution business. Key member in the formation of HT Lubricant and expansion to Central Malaysia.